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  • The Corner presents the world of Fayette Street using real names and real events. The miniseries tells the true story of men, women and children living amid the open-air drug markets of West Baltimore. It chronicles a year in the lives of 15-year-old DeAndre McCullough, his mother Fran Boyd, and his father Gary McCullough, as well as other addicts and low-level drug dealers caught up in the twin-e

Product DescriptionA family living in a ghetto struggle for normality? Baltimore does in a round? by illicit drugs and behavior. Genre: Urban Drama Rating: Setting cknehmen Date: 22-July-2003Media Type: DVDAmazon. r comThe sad? alit? its Drogenabh? with Steadfast authenticity? is a function t in the corner, an excellent, low? e on the r? alit? minis? HBO series captured?. Having v? Cu in the street in West Baltimore, Maryland, where? No place has this drama? necessarily sweet? The actor and r? Filmmaker Charles S. Dutton r? Region, k? More worrisome? Study, and socially? Emotionally, and MITF? Approach is important Hlende f? R S? Series of success? S. Dutton take care k? Around his characters deeply enough to give them a glimmer of hope r? Realistic, m? Me when hope? U mani? Re coh? Rent by the ravages of addiction? Uscht. It? The root support? family? Those on the line p? Dr. Gary (TK Carter, in a herzzerrei? Performance End) an investor once successfully? S in the case of a slowdown. . . More>>

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