Kableflags KFA001 Cable Identification Tags

Posted by admin On March - 25 - 2013

  • 10 Blank Tags
  • Identify Plugs with Ease
  • Avoid a Costly Mistake
  • One size fits all
  • Create spare outlet when you need one

Product Description Never pull the plug in the wrong again? Tiquetant with Kableflags cord organizers. Available in a variety t? custom packs? s, these organizers will pr son? future accidents? electronics throughout the home and office. Each pack includes flags Kableflags e durable rubber that wrap around the spinal in any security component?. The? Wire labels have a white background and black ink, which makes them easy? read in dark places such as examin? under a desk or derri? re the t? l? vision. . . . More >>

Kableflags KFA001 Cable Identification Tags

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