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Posted by Tony On June - 29 - 2009


The history of gold cross pendants dates back to many centuries. Although no concrete dateline has been established for the first gold cross pendent some of them date back to the 1000-1400 A.D and even more. Since ages, the religious cross pendant was very popular. In the medieval period when the costume used to be simple, often of heavy, dark wool with a brooch or clasp at the neck along with jeweled belts of every kind, the gold cross pendants were in quite demand. In this period Necklaces and earrings were uncommon, but rings and pendants bearing religious jewelry symbols and inscriptions were popular.

The charm and the attraction of the gold cross pendant never faded and are still used with the same feeling and emotions.  It is the best way for the people of Christianity to show their faith in Christianity as well as look attractive with the piece of jewelry. Off course new designs have come up to keep pace with the fashion and the arrays of collection available is simply amazing.




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